Wanna know what I read?

Read the fics below cause....DAMN! Talk about wonderful writing, intriguing plot and wonderfully amusing stories. They'll make you laugh, weep and gasp for breath!

Domestication by Indie NC-17

The year is 2001 and the Slayer is protector of Guardian City, The City. Largest of the walled human cities, it resides along the western coast of North America, encompassing the Hellmouth. More than ten million humans call it home and it is built on the indentured labor of thousands of DHSTs. They are the nameless, faceless masses, known only by identification numbers and devoid of any rights or voice. There is unrest ... Something is coming and the Council is desperate to end it before it begins. The DHSTs are restless. There are rumors of massings and traitors. It falls on the Slayer's shoulders to ferret out the threat. But she cannot do it alone.

After Affects by Indie NC-17

B/A. A challenge from Carol. The Initiative wants to start a structured breeding program using Riley as the Slayer's mate. They drug her up, but instead of making nice with soldier boy, she goes in search of her real mate.

Buffy's Diary by Harpy NC-17 (and pretty much everything else she's written)

Ever wonder what goes through our favorite Slayer's head as she processes all the amazing experiences she has? How she has felt about falling in love with and desiring Angel? Well this is the fanfic series for you. It answers all these questions and more, providing obsessive fans with a more detailed view of the Buffyverse as experienced by Buffy herself.

Bittersweet Legacy by Vatrixsta Cruden

A beautiful series by Trix. Books I & II are completed and she's currently working on Book III.


Phoenix Burning by Yahtzee

This is a follow-up to "The Gift" quite unlike most you will have seen. Buffy awakens from death to find a world vastly changed.


Culture Shock by LoftyHeights

This one actually made me laugh too! It's hilarious and true to the characters. If you don't read this one you are really missing a treat. As of yet it's incomplete, but don't let that stop you!

Flowers on a Razor Wire by alee NC-17

In the aftermath of Riley's death, Buffy and Angel face an almost unbearable situation.

Buffy's LA Adventure by Gia

Buffy goes undercover as *gasp* a stripper to help the AI team on a case. Smut happens. Far-fetched but sorta fun.

Silken Cage Series by Margot

Margot's Buffy/Angelus series What? Like you could resist Angelus?


All Wet by Lex NC-17

Angel in a bathtub and Buffy walks in. Smutty yum.


The Devil's Truth by Matt

Will Buffy be able to withstand a fallen angel's temptations when her friends are used against her?

Hot Chocolate and Angels by Sare Liz Gordy

Grouchy Slayer and soothing Angel. B/A fluff


Dana A's Master of Tactics Series

This begins with "The Sacrifice of Enrique" and goes on with other chapters that will make you giggle and laugh out loud!

Heartbeat by Mistress Ace

Pairing A/B/R, with S - NC17 (Sex, slash, language, violence)


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